I’ve always admired Mr. Nelwin Uy’s work.  Among the bountiful Filipino wedding photographers in the Philippines, it is his work that has inspired me to dream BIG.  When the XOXO — A Wedding Workshop by Nelwin Uy started flooding my Facebook wall, I went for it.  I prayed for morning to come quickly and paid the reservation fee on the first banking hour.  I was the 10th enrollee.  He only accepted 15 participants.

Meeting him was like finally shaking hands with the man behind those beautiful wedding photographs.  The workshop started rather funny.  It was a first for him and like any other first timers, he was so nervous, his train of thoughts went wayward.  But the good thing was, he apologized and told everyone in the room, “Sorry!  First time ko… ”  His humbleness was so evident that we all clapped our hands and encouraged him to continue.  It turned out one great learning experience.

Someone asked me why I still join workshops, talks, or seminars every chance I get.  I think I owe it to my clients and future couples to constantly upgrade myself.  Education is a big investment.  However, it is always worth it.  I find happiness in learning new things especially if it is connected with what I truly enjoying doing.  There is a different kind of high to it.

As the workshop progressed from the simpler topics to the more serious stuff, I found myself looking back.  It has been two wonderful years.  I am still here.


Some photos I took that day.




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too pretty too magical — love love love! need i even tell you again how jealous (happy) i am that you made it to nelwin uy’s workshop? =) miss you always mai!

Hi there pretty preggers.. i wish to shoot weddings with you SIDE by SIDE.. miss you loads.

Hi, did nelwin taught you his workflow? May I know if this was processed by VSCO film presets?

vincent lacanilao

I would like to join one of your workshop? could you please give some info….


Hi Vince… We are not the one doing the workshop. Please visit

wow! love the tones! ganda! good job! wish makaattend din ng workshop ni sir Nelwin 🙂

I think he’ll be having one next year.