Michael and Dianne both work and live in beautiful Japan.

One country I dream of visiting.  Next to India.  Once I’m there I’ll pig out on authentic Japanese food, drown myself in wasabi paste, learn how to speak Japanese, think Japanese, experience Cherry Blossom season and stalk a real Geisha.  It’ll be an experience worth embarking on.  One day!

For the mean time, it is enough that I had the chance to photograph Michael and Dianne.  They stayed less than a week for their church wedding.  And like the other weddings I had the privilege of documenting, I immensely had a great time.

Congratulations to the both of you.


Michael & Dianne Ruiz // May 4, 2012 // Ceremony:  Sacred Heart Church // Dress up & Reception:  Marriot Hotel //  Bridal gown: Leonardo Igloria // Hair & Make-up:  Wen-wen Zaspa // Video:  Digital Minds // Coordinator:  Nickanne Aratea