Last week I met Kyoko and little Toa.  We picked them up really early and rode a rented van all the way to Oslob (where we rode the boat going to Sumilon Island).  We stayed there the whole day. I took pictures of them while they roamed the island.  Toa, at one point said, enough already.  It was too hot!  We took a break for lunch and resumed after a good rest.

I love mother and child sessions.  Maybe because it’s familiar?  I felt how much love she has for Toa.  Like you are the world to me kind of love.  Although I found it hard to understand their verbal exchange, but their actions helped me kind of understand what they were trying to say to each other.  I especially enjoyed capturing the moment when they sat on the bench facing the ocean.  They were singing to each other.  It was pure love and comforting to see them take in the beauty around them.

When it was time to say goodbye, I was so touched by Kyoko.  She hopped off the van and the middle of the road, she asked if we could have a photo together.  Arigato was all I could say.  Because that’s the only Japanese word I know (for now)!

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