When Mr. Jason Magbanua sent me a private message via Twitter about two months ago saying, “We’d love for you to shoot our portraits!”  I was like, “Are you serious?” And he said, “Do I sound like I’m kidding?” I tell you, my hands turned ice cold and I had to read his message many times.  Just so I misunderstood something!  You know that feeling when you just couldn’t believe one good thing happened out of something you love doing!

Before I even found myself doing weddings, I was already a huge fan of Jason Magbanua’s work.  It’s a fairytale captured in video.  For me, he has brought many changes in the videography world. He is, in my book and I’m sure a lot will agree with me, the BEST in the industry. I dreamt of a wedding where he’d be my wedding videographer.  But just didn’t dream of shooting him and his family one glorious day.  When it’s Jason Magbanua it must be GOOD!  A girl can dream, right?  DREAM, I did!

Then there’s Madge Lejano, a lady make up artist from Manila.  I’ve stalked her work and again dreamt of having her as my MUA for my dream wedding.  To shoot all together (their families included) in one day was something I couldn’t imagine doing.

On shoot day, I was a nervous wreck.  On my way to Shangri-La Mactan, I was so quiet.  My mind went crazy and I thought of the many possible things that could happen.  I doubted myself and right at that moment, I was so convinced I didn’t know how to use the camera.  But you know that inner voice that kept insisting itself – just be YOU!

And so that was it!  I didn’t try to be someone else.  Didn’t try to impress them with someone I wasn’t.  For me, what you are reflects in your work.  I’m not saying I haven’t tried imitating other real good photographers.  But whenever I try doing that, my work comes out half-baked and it just isn’t real. I grew up! I stuck to what I believed in —- shoot from your heart and everything else follows.

To Mr. Jason Magbanua’s and Ms. Madge Lejano’s, thank you so much for that chance to photograph you and the precious people in your life.  You just don’t know how grateful I am.


Jason Magbanua & Family.
Madge Lejano & Family.
Venue:  Shangri-La Mactan Island & Spa // April 29, 2013



You know Malou! I kinda I hate you! You never told me you blogged this. I just read it and everything is just so perfect. Thank you ! Thank you!

Waaahh.. Thank you Sir J..

idol + idol = perfection
sa sunod maski ug tig alsa nalang ko sa imong lenses, ha.

Hi Chi..thank you for leaving a comment…

The colors are ohhhh so pretty, a true signature of the Shutterfairy 🙂 Clap+Clap+Clap

Thank you Jeff.. it was one of the most nerve racking shoot I’ve ever done.. lol