Oooooopppssss!  Don’t be confused. This may not be  WEDDING related, but I assure you it is worth posting here.

San Gimignino Wellness Farm is nestled in a forestry area somewhere in Balamban.  Traveling to this secret place was a bit of a challenge.  The winding road and the fog gave it a cloak of mystery.  Upon reaching km 44, an obscured path on the left side of the road led to this wonderful sanctuary where nature, wellness, and the melody of trees and the birds could do nothing but restore any spirit.

So, there I was pretty amazed by the beauty of it all!  From the structure of the house (I like wood more than anything else) to the tree house and the wooden planks facing the glory of the mountain, I feasted as far as my eyes and heart could take.

Most of you don’t know that for years I’ve been a pork-less and beef less eater/diner.  I prefer plant foods and anything organic.  I try to replace chicken and fish/sea foods with something that can equal my protein requirement. If I had a choice, I’d go natural.  By natural, I mean ORGANIC.

San Gimignano Wellness Farm will officially open this August.  They have a bistro that will offer healthy varieties of food.  They also offer a four-day wellness retreat (this I can’t wait to try) that includes organic raw food programs, yoga sessions, sauna and bath therapies and colon cleansing.  Spell D-E-T-O-X!


San Gimignano Wellness Farm
Balamban, Cebu
Contact nos. (032) 3163464 or (0917) 7148254
Look for Ms. Eleanor Rivera




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caroline marcelino

Dear sir /madam,

My mom is diabetic and hypertensio.I know detox will help her a lot in the sense of stopping medication,insulin in a natural way.
could you please kindly give me some ideas how the prices of stay in your wellness farm.
Your assistance with my request is much appreciated.
Thank you.
Kind regards,