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The first time I met Luis was during her sister’s, Alexa, second birthday party.  He was just a few weeks old.  Look at him now!  He’s turning one next month. I feel like time went by so fast.  Too fast even!  I can still remember vividly Alexa’s sea themed birthday party.

I first met The Yu’s when I photographed Alexa’s first birthday party. It warms my heart that they remember to get me as their photographer during important milestones for their family such as their kid’s birthday celebration.  I try my best to be authentic every time.  I hope I exceed their expectation and top off the last set of photographs with an even more authentic, loaded with moments,  and heartfelt images.

Here are some photos of yesterday’s kids / family session.


Lowell + Mylene = Alexa & Luis | Styling:  First of April | Photo: Shutterfairy Photo | Cake: Pastries By Jessica

Family_Yu_ 0002Family_Yu_ 0003Family_Yu_ 0004Family_Yu_ 0005Family_Yu_ 0006Family_Yu_ 0007Family_Yu_ 0008Family_Yu_ 0009Family_Yu_ 0010Family_Yu_ 0011Family_Yu_ 0012Family_Yu_ 0013Family_Yu_ 0014Family_Yu_ 0015Family_Yu_ 0016Family_Yu_ 0017Family_Yu_ 0018Family_Yu_ 0019Family_Yu_ 0020Family_Yu_ 0021Family_Yu_ 0022Family_Yu_ 0023Family_Yu_ 0024Family_Yu_ 0025Family_Yu_ 0026Family_Yu_ 0027Family_Yu_ 0028Family_Yu_ 0029Family_Yu_ 0030Family_Yu_ 0031Family_Yu_ 0032Family_Yu_ 0033Family_Yu_ 0034Family_Yu_ 0035Family_Yu_ 0036Family_Yu_ 0037Family_Yu_ 0038Family_Yu_ 0039Family_Yu_ 0040Family_Yu_ 0041Family_Yu_ 0042Family_Yu_ 0043Family_Yu_ 0044Family_Yu_ 0045Family_Yu_ 0046Family_Yu_ 0047Family_Yu_ 0048Family_Yu_ 0049Family_Yu_ 0050Family_Yu_ 0051Family_Yu_ 0052Family_Yu_ 0053Family_Yu_ 0054Family_Yu_ 0055Family_Yu_ 0056Family_Yu_ 0057Family_Yu_ 0058Family_Yu_ 0059Family_Yu_ 0060Family_Yu_ 0061Family_Yu_ 0062Family_Yu_ 0063Family_Yu_ 0064Family_Yu_ 0065Family_Yu_ 0066Family_Yu_ 0067


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