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It didn’t feel like I was in Cebu. The people around me from last Saturday’s wedding spoke Chabacano. More than half were from Zambangoa. Ever since the Zamboanga city crisis it has never been the same. The crisis has caused the displacement of more than 100,000 people and the death of many. Marlo, Coy and JP’s coordinator promised that if I ever get the chance to visit Zamboanga, shoot a wedding there perhaps, he’ll bring me to ground zero.

So instead of holding the wedding in Zamboanga, JP and Coy decided to host it here in Cebu. I enjoyed listening to them speak in such a melodious tone. I wish I knew how to speak their dialect.

JP and Coy met at Coy’s 39th birthday party. JP gate crashed and that was the beginning of a beautiful love story. Isn’t it amazing that at the most unexpected time we get that rare chance to meet that person we spend the rest of our lives with??



JP & Coycoy Garcia // July 12, 2014 // Dress up: Montebello Hotel // Ceremony: Pedro Calungsod Chapel // Reception: Casino Español

Coordination: Marlo Luna
Video: Marlowe Guinto Videography
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
Emcee: Ryan Uybengkee
Gown: Edward Teng

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