Love, they say, cannot be defined by age and race.

These were the photos I took from last Saturday’s wedding  for R a i n b o w  F i s h.  It’s always fun to work with extremely talented people.  When you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

I’d like to share with you a phrase from a book (The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks) I recently finished reading. Yes, I still find time to read.

“Being together isn’t about a honeymoon.  It’s about the real you and me.  I want to wake up with you beside me in the mornings; I want to spend my evening looking at you across the dinner table.  I want to share every mundane detail of my day with you and hear every detail of yours.  I want to laugh with you and fall asleep with you in my arms.  Because you aren’t just someone I loved back then.  You were my best friend, my best SELF, and I can’t imagine giving that up again.”

I am such a hopeless romantic!  I guess that’s why I do what I do.


Josh & Phoebe Hancock \\ April 14, 2012 \\ Shangri-la Mactan Island Resort & Spa


Check out Josh & Phoebe’s SAME DAY EDIT by D i g i t a l M i n d s
Hair and Make Up :  J e s s i e  G l o v a
Florist :  S i m p l e  W i s h e s   [ Debbi Huang ]
Wedding Coordinator:  Ritchie Mendoza