“Find your place in this industry.  There is always someone who will like your work.”

This is exactly the reason why I stick to how I do my photos.  It’s nice to be inspired by photography legends and those who have already made their mark, but how can I call it mine if I patterned it to someone else’s?

I channel my thoughts and emotions through pictures.  When I do weddings I do not follow a template. No photo is ever alike. So, it doesn’t really feel like work.

“For you to become GREAT one must become bad at it.”

Oh yeah!  I sucked in the beginning. I’m not saying I’m excellent at it already.  But I’d like to believe I have improved.  I have never stopped taking pictures from the very first time I held my first ever camera – CANON 450D.  Practice.  Practice. Practice.

“Every master than I know has no ego.”

I admire photographers who are way up there, but never really cared about fame or special treatments.  The truly successful and brilliant people didn’t have to brag.

“We all start somewhere.  Visualize and develop photos in your head.”

Visualization does not only work in photography.  To think is to create.  The law of attraction comes in.

“Women are better photographers than men because we are less technical.”

Is there truth to this? I’m not anal about technicalities.  After knowing the basics, I have broken every rule there is. My exposure is not always right.  My white balance is set at auto. The less I think about technicalities, the happier I am with my output. Women are emotional creatures.  I think that’s what makes the difference.

I LIVE CURIOUS.  I like joining workshops because the learning cycle never ends. There is so much to learn – in everything. 


Head over to johnfick (dot) com.


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October 28, 2011
Marvelous work. Keep on going.
    October 28, 2011
    Thank you Nic.. appreciate your visit.
November 1, 2011
AMEN to everything. Hehehe - Still dreaming to attend a J* workshop! =) - Love these photos. Fabulousness!
    November 1, 2011
    Yeah me too.. J* workshop.. Have you seen her latest giveaway (pen & paper/notebook) for her workshop? awesomeness...
November 2, 2011
I loved reading this one my Fairy Friend :) In that case, I am a woman too! In photographic terms. Me also don't like about the technical things as long as I think it looks good. Payts na :) Unya if mag J* Workshop mo, apil mi ni Sandy happp. Mayta mag workshop pud AXIOO! Shoot ta sa January!
    November 2, 2011
    Dream workshop to attend -- J* Yes.. shoot this January. I heart Axioo too.
November 3, 2011
Given the oportunity to listen to the Masters on workshops like this, i will definitely go for it just like what you did Mai. As an amateur photographer, I have so many learnings to do, i totally suck in photography. Hopefully someday i will get there..a pro in my own right. hehe.. Thanks for sharing some tips Mai. Beautiful shots as always! I will always be a fan of your works!
    November 7, 2011
    Learned a lot... pumped up my drive even more...

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