It’s not always that I get to photograph two dads and a baby!

Right from the beginning when Ryan inquired and gave me a background about his family, I earnestly wished that he wouldn’t change his mind about getting me to do the shoot. He had me at —- by the way we are two dads, Ryan 1 and Ryan 2 and a baby named Enzo.

I stalked his little family in Instagram and marveled about the love I felt even thru those little square photos. When I finally met them last week, there was feeling of knowing them somehow. I couldn’t help but marvel at the connection they had for each other. The marble eyed Enzo would reach for the hand of either his two dads made me realize that love does not teach and know any gender.

Thank you for letting me capture these moments with and for you.


Ryan, Ryan and Enzo | January 4, 2017 | Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa


Defying norms, raw emotions and a superb workflow… i am in awe – jaw drop. The purest emotions captured.

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