Exactly a week ago, Fritz and Ariane tied the knot.  They were already married in civil rights but last Saturday, it felt like they got married for the first time.

I asked if they wanted to meet  for their first look (which is by the way, uncommon here in the Philippines). Ariane said she wanted to surprise Fritz.  When Fritz saw Ariane for the first time, he was teary eyed.  You know how men are when they try so hard not to cry.  Jaw muscles tense up and they squint unconsciously as if it’ll dry the tears.

As I write this, they are somewhere in Japan enjoying their honeymoon.


HMUA:  Jonas Borces
Entourage make-up: Jessa Horca
Gown: Hanz Coquilla
Video: Noel Samson
Coordination: Stef Olalo (Stef O. Coordinates)
Wedding stylist: Miguel Suerte Jr.