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It is always refreshing to document weddings outside my lovely Cebu! But lately, flights has become unpredictable it is scary to book weddings so close to each other with, maybe, one out of town in between.

It has become normal for airlines like Cebu Pacific to cancel flights without informing passengers ahead of time. Vince and Mae’s wedding was in Surigao. We usually head home the day after. The team and I had breakfast early. Our bags were packed. We were ready to go!

When we got to the airport on the check in counter was a notice that our flight was cancelled. CANCELLED! Delayed would’ve been much better, but cancelled?? You know that feeling when you just want to wring someone on the neck to give you a legitimate reason why! We were told it was cancelled because of aircraft maintenance. I’ve heard that so many times, I found it so hard to believe what the staff of Cebu Pacific was saying.

I asked if she could help us get another flight because we can’t stay another day. We had a wedding the following day! We were told the flights for the following day were already full. It was the most normal thing to say! There was a boat available that night but it was also full.

My mind went full gear and asked where the nearest airport was aside from the one in Surigao. The girl told me we could head over to Butuan. And just like that we run outside and looked for a van to bring us to Butuan airport. I think majority of the passengers on that cancelled flight went for that route. Cramped inside the van with a drunk woman who kept on asking the van to stop every few kilometers because she had to pee, we prayed for available airline seats.

It dawned on me why wedding photographers charge high out of town fees. In our case, we only charge a minimal amount. I also understood the unforeseen ditches photographers go thru just to professionally be there to cover someone’s wedding.  As a client I don’t think you’d consider the mishap of airlines as an acceptable reason when your wedding photographer fail to show up on your wedding day!   I truly wish airlines like Cebu Pacific would also deliver what is expected of them.

But Mae and Vince were one of the nicest couples I’ve met. I am grateful that we are blessed with a handful of kind clients. They took care of us (suppliers) really well! Thank you!



Vince & Mae | Surigao City

Dress up and Reception: Gateway Hotel
Coordination: Joyful Weddings
Video: Storyteller Photography/Videography
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
HMU: Wenwen Zaspa

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