This little man turned one last month.  Late post!! Ahhhhhhhhh…

Why is there just twenty four hours in a day?  Can we like extend a little bit.  Sometimes I tell myself to stretch my energy a bit more just so I could tick off my long to do list.  But then aside from photography and meeting deadlines, I have a family to take care of.  I still cook for them and it has two be two kinds of dishes per meal.  I still find time to do yoga, bike, and run.  And if luck is on my side, I find time to dive.  I have so many things to do.  To be whole, I have to find that balance.  I want to be an effective story teller.  Thus I find time to do other things.  That way, when I hold my camera, I’d still feel that rush to shoot with so much gusto.  I don’t want to be on auto mode!  I am such an emotional photographer.  I have to connect with my subject to draw those moments and emotions.

When it comes to shooting children.  I let them be!  Sure we use props and those little things that would give a certain feel to our sessions, but that isn’t the meat.  Emotions and moments are what I look for.

Here are some photos of Drake.


We had that chair made especially for him.


For kids session, we would usually ask the parents to bring clothes that they think would fit the theme.  Stylist Guada checks the clothes on the day of the session.



This little man’s mom makes yummy cakes. Check out her FB page :  Pastries by Jessica


I include parents because I find it weird when I don’t see them in the frame.  They have to be there!


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May 28, 2015
*high five* on wishing there was more than 24hrs a day!!! LOL or a clone of ourselves? hihih but let's find that balance in every way possible, day in and out! :) #teamsukad fighttt!!!!

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