Whenever I browse Pinterest for some family session ideas, I tend to gravitate towards sessions done at home. You know where the photographer just go to the house and take pictures of the family like any normal day having breakfast or the kids playing inside the room.

My daydream would end with the family and myself going for a walk just near their home. While all of these are happening, I’d be just there discreetly taking pictures. Freezing authentic moments with all my might. Love between family members is always evident. It is but inspiring!

When I photographed the Sia family, I was again reminded of my wish. The set where we went inside the room and it was just them on the bed. They relaxed and the little boy started to jump. He seemed to really enjoy it. I also love the part when they lay down side by side like it was just them. They closed their eyes without me telling them to. I felt their closeness. No words. Just little gestures!

Sharing with you the photos I took of the Sia family.  They’ll be five really soon.


HMUA: Erika Diaz
Styling: Guada Mariel Calledo


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