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She took out her laptop and opened an excel file with a list of the wedding expenses. One by one she scrolled to where the photographer entry was.  Instead of going for the photo only service she decided to upgrade it to the basic package.  She told me her sister encouraged her to go all the way.  “Thank you big sister!”

Here are some photos of Ryan & Lordele’s wedding last December.  Just one more wedding to edit for December.  If only I could find more ways to fast track the releasing of photos.  I’ve been asking other photographers how long their work time of photos are.  One friend said, “Just a month!”.  I felt insecure as soon as I heard a month!  And then others said confidently it takes four months to six.  My average work time is twelve to sixteen weeks.  I try everyday to edit more photos – edit, shoot, post/blog.  Some days I am so good at it.  Other days, I suck at being ms. organized!


Ryan & Lordele | 12.20.14

Dress up & Reception: Elizabeth Hotel
Coordination: Weddings, Corporate & Social Events by Nickanne
Gowns: Lord Maturan Atelier
Photo: Shutterfairy
Video: Glen Ducante
HMUA: Agbay Joseph
Host: Ken Villaflor
Band: Royal Plus Trio
Florist: Joy Abellana Ceniza
Event Stylist: Gizelle Faye


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