Lordele&Ryan_ wedding0001

I often hear bride say, “I can’t remember everything on my wedding day.  It felt like I was floating the whole time!”  It must be true to most of you brides out there.

But for photographers or the video peeps, it a different story.  We remember details and moments.  These are the things that we look for!  I remember Lordele’s sister who gave me a huge smile when we entered the room.  I remember thinking to myself, she must be the sister Lordele mentioned during our first few meetings.  It’s always nice when you remember people, moments, and things, right??

Maybe that’s the biggest reason why I do what I do!  I like to remember and I think the best way to truly remember moments are through photographs!

Happy new year everyone!  To you and to you and to you… Thank you for being a blessing to me and to my team.


Ryan & Lordele
Dress up & Reception: Elizabeth Hotel
Coordination: Weddings, Corporate & Social Events by Nickanne
Gowns: Lord Maturan Atelier
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo
Video: Glen Ducante
HMUA: Agbay Joseph
Host: Ken Villaflor
Band: Royal Plus Trio
Florist: Joy Abellana Ceniza
Event Stylist: Gizelle Faye (Cuckoo Cloud Concepts)

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