Lordelle initially didn’t want to do an engagement session. I think her sister coaxed her to go for it. Thank you! When I’m told that there is no engagement session, my heart would break a little. Engagement sessions give me the chance to know the couple a little more and perhaps know me too.

People usually have a bad impression of me. Sadly! My normal face doesn’t look so friendly. I have a pair of eyes that is always misunderstood and a facial expression that of a snob. Back in college, I am usually approached by girls of the higher year. Their question would always be offensive – why do you look at me like how you look at me?? Huuuhhh???

My only hope is that during engagement sessions, I get to prove myself. That I can be the corniest girl on the block who is a hopeless romantic and would very well love to hear your love story.

Some photos of that day.


Ryan & Lordele

District 50, Boys Scout Camp, Temple of Leah
HMUA: Joseph Agbay
Styling: Guada Mariel
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo