Over the weekend, Riggi and Mia tied the knot after six years of being together. The love they shared radiated amongst the people who witnessed their union.

I love beach weddings! The site of the ocean excites me. It brings a different kind of calm. That day the temperature rose to thirty-four degrees Celsius.   We were sweating like crazy. The heat didn’t dampen the excitement and happiness felt that day. It was contagious!

I haven’t been doing a lot of weddings. I want it to stay that way. Not because I don’t love it anymore, I just don’t want my output to suffer. I don’t want to be mechanical and shoot just for the heck of shooting. This, I guess, is hard to understand! I also want to give way to other projects. I’m not giving up weddings entirely, I just want to limit the number of weddings. Lately though, birthdays, family and couple sessions fill up my calendar. I wished for this since last year. I’m happy that the universe finally listened.

Here are some photos of Rigi and Mia’s big day. Love truly waits!


Location:  Chateau By The Sea
Coordination: Rene Pette
Bridal gown & entourage: Philipp Piezas Tampus
HMUA: Jay Failanga
Video: Franz Arrogante Films



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