Last Saturday I had birthday session with Lianna and her family. She’s turning one soon! It was the perfect way to celebrate such important milestone. Birthday sessions doubles as a mini family session too. I find it weird not to include the family. They complete the picture!

Lianna’s kuya had a special session too. He’s turning four. He calls his little sister inday. But he wants more siblings. While photographing his parents, he was in the background cheering for another baby – go mommy go!!

I brought Fin with me. It was the most challenging time ever. He’s been very clingy lately. He screams if I’m out of his sight. At one point, I carried him on my left arm while I used my right to shoot. After the shoot, my shoulders ached like my arms wanted about to fall off. But I must do what I got to do! I survived!


Concept and styling:  Geof Lagria // Unique Wedding & Events