A few weeks ago, I had a pre-birthday session with little prince.  He’s turning two!  That’s right two.  Can you just imagine how he wanted to run around instead of stay put?  Because they are naturally like that. They like to roam.  It took a lot of cheering and patience for everyone who was there.

During the red car set,  Prince was happier.  Ffffreeeedddooom!!  He ran and wanted me to run after him.  He even said, he wants to go home.

Towards the last set, he didn’t want any of it already.  He wiggled his way out of his parent’s embrace.  He just wanted to play.  We made use of mommy and daddy instead.  We need to celebrate parents too.  It’s a tough job after all!


Styling: Passion Designs by Trix
Make-up artist: Janice The Beauty Fairy

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