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Philipp and Denise’s wedding was our last wedding for 2014.  I was stranded in Ormoc because of tyhpoon Seniang.  I pleaded with the heavens to transport me to Cebu, but the universe had other plans.  I was stuck there for three quiet days.

I was in luck, my good friend Josephine of Josephine Sicad Photography, was free. We tease her about her being an international wedding photographer.  I asked her (more or less pleaded) that she cover Philipp and Denise’s wedding.  It’s hard to look for shooters that has is in the same page as I am.  Someone who gets me or knows what I want and envisioned.  She was my only hope!  She’s donned her superwoman cape that day and assisted an early wedding and then went straight to Movenpick. Thank you my dear friend!  When you need me to cover for you, I’ll be so willing!

I would also like to thank Paulo Cañete for second shooting and Marlowe Guinto, too.

And as they say, TRUST your photographer!


Philipp & Denise | 12.30.14 | Movenpick Hotel

On the day coordinator: Evan Vermin
HMU: Romero Vergara
Video: Glen Ducante
Bride’s gown: Maureen Disini
Flowers: Becketts
Entourage gowns: Sheila Del Rosario


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January 6, 2015
Love the tones here Maria. And yes, Dai Sepen is a superwoman. I would cover for both of you when you need my help too!

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