Bump Love: Tuesday

I remember Tuesday from our Logic class in nursing school.  She was always quiet.  She was still that way when I photographed their wedding someView more photos >>

Ryan & Lordele’s Cebu Wedding

I often hear bride say, “I can’t remember everything on my wedding day.  It felt like I was floating the whole time!”  It must beView more photos >>

JB & Ice Engagement Session

Our first location was at Coffee Prince.  They open around twelve noon but we pleaded with the waiters who were sleeping inside if we could use theView more photos >>

I do again: Joseph & Claire’s Boracay Wedding

I love anything Boracay! The vibe there is so different. Happy. Light. Free. I’ve been telling myself that I should live there. Shoot weddings thereView more photos >>

Id, Ego, and Beverly

When I photograph couples or families, I’d feel the love! At first, it felt strange to photograph a human being who was so compassionate with herView more photos >>

Dee & Cha Indian Cebu Wedding

“It’s not Cha!” Dee kept saying this when all ten women and some men gave their hands for him to hold. The goal of the game was to determine if DeeView more photos >>

Five and one : Liz & Finn

Oh my! Hello December…. Have you done your Christmas shopping already? This year I want to feel Christmas again. For the past two Decembers (becauseView more photos >>

Thomas & Marjorie Engagement Session

I love yesterday’s engagement session! Marjorie and Thomas were both funny. We, myself, the stylist and the hair and make up team, had so much fun!View more photos >>

Under The Sea Themed Birthday Party : Alexa

The last time I photographed little Alexa was when she turned one. It was a fleeting moment to photograph her again as she turned two.  MoreView more photos >>

Ryan and Lordele’s Engagement Session

Lordelle initially didn’t want to do an engagement session. I think her sister coaxed her to go for it. Thank you! When I’m told that there isView more photos >>

Neil and Claire Cebu Wedding

I often ask myself why do I do what I do?? I told a friend one time that I want to have what I capture in photographs. Bliss. Love. Forever. But howView more photos >>

Bump Love: Yvonne and Galileo

Maternity sessions will always be a feel good session. It reminds me of those blissful months of pregnancy.  I’ve been asked many times why do IView more photos >>