Say I do again: Prudy + Zeny

Forty years and counting!  Meet my best friend’s parents.  They recently celebrated their forty years ofView more photos >>

Dani Andrew & Therese Ann’s wedding

This wedding reminded me so much of my past life. Weeehhhe!  Me as nurse!  A trying hard one! Therese Ann is aView more photos >>

Winning entry: Lance & Myla

We would like congratulate Lance & Myla for winning the engagement session give away.  If only we could let everyView more photos >>

Rayan + Fina’s engagement session

I read somewhere that a woman should marry someone who can make her laugh.  When we did Fina and Rayan’s engagementView more photos >>

Engagement Session: Edgar + Gwen

It was one of those days when the heat was unbearable.  We had to stop after the first set and wait for afternoon toView more photos >>

Commercial: Joyful

I find children the most interesting subject to photograph.  Their innocence and raw emotions are the ones that I tryView more photos >>

A Themed Engagement Session GIVEAWAY

We are looking for the most FUN, adventurous, creative, ENGAGED couple that wants to WIN a themed engagementView more photos >>

Chase’s 1st birthday

It’s always FUN when I get to photograph children.  Kids birthday parties are a lot like weddings. Instead ofView more photos >>

Family Session: Bugash + Abadingo

Meet the Bugash and Abaningo family! We have been planning for this shoot for months.  Chichi hails all the way fromView more photos >>

Daryl & Karen’s wedding

I can’t believe it’s August already.  There are so many deadlines to meet, engagement sessions to wrap up and weddingsView more photos >>

Telling the world: Michael + Charice

I promised Michael’s brother, James, that I would post Michael and Charice’s wedding today. So here it is! The quietView more photos >>

Wouldn’t it be nice: Michael & Charice

They came well prepared! When Charice opened the suitcase for the day’s shoot, their outfits were placed in plasticsView more photos >>