This was the wedding last Saturday.  My eyes feasted on the details.  From the pen used for signing to the bridesmaids identical shoes, earrings, and fascinators.  I super like the motif – pink blush.  It made everything else bright and happy.

Do you know that lovers of beauty prefer the color pink??  It is the color of universal love.

My favorite part was when it was time to kiss the bride.  Onin took his time.  It was like watching a movie in slow motion.  I wish other couples would do the same.

You know!  Gaze at each other’s eyes.  Smile.  Whisper something cute or corny.  Just take your time before that one official blessed KISS.  Photographers look out for this moment.  I CANNOT miss that one REAL KISS!!


Nino Villarubia + Michelle Guk-ong | February 18, 2012 |  Waterfront Hotel Cebu | Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral | Casino Espanol


Wedding planner:  Tisha Marie Gerona of Cebu weddings []
Videographer: SLY Studios []
Hair and Make-up:  Jessie Glova
Cake:  Trina Ang-Kokseng
Florist and event stylist:  Nancy Roble


Check out Mitch and Onin’s SDE h e r e.


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February 21, 2012
Superb Mai, your eyes never fail <3
    February 21, 2012
    Are you coming home anytime soon???
February 21, 2012
super impressive!* Congrats shutterfairy!
    February 21, 2012
    Thank you Stroz.. hope to work with you again. I had so much fun.. and everything was so pretty.. and warm.
Jenny Salvador
February 24, 2012
One grand wedding and the details are superb! Love love love!
    February 25, 2012
    Thanks Jen... great couple, too...

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