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It rained so hard when we did Justin and Kayem’s engagement session. We traveled about two hours to Hale Manna. They say the sunset there is beautiful.  Sadly, the heavens gave us rain instead of a beautiful light.

It is every photographer’s dilemma when it rains.  Pegs or mood boards we prepared went to waste.  The red chair was supposed to be placed smacked right in the water that would’ve given the photos an illusion that it was floating.  The candy bar set up was supposed to be in the middle of a sand bar.  Think pastels and the play of colors.  It was the perfect place!


It rained!  A tiny bit at first and it never stopped. The sky must be so sad that day.

I asked Kayem and Justin if they were game – get wet and shoot away!  They agreed! Off we went…  One serious click at first and everything just flowed.  The rain became a part of the scene.

So if it rains and it’s THE day to do your shoot – let’s do it!


Justin Castro + Kayem Manaloto // November 2013 // Hale Manna, Cebu // HMUA by Ramil Solis // Styling by Guada Calledo // Photo by Shutterfairy Photo


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