My first impression of Miss J was —- Wow! Astig!

When I first met her I noticed the beautiful tattoo on her left arm. It says Emmanuel. The name of their baby boy. She wanted a maternity session and family session in one. To be honest, sometimes I shamelessly puzzle myself when I do maternity sessions because at the back of my mind a voice would tell me it’s better with the family around. You think so??

This was the session that made one of our favorite make-up artist cry – Erika Diaz. The grandparents were so game it brought back a flood of fond memories of my own grandparents. I had to hold back tears because I didn’t want them to think they hired a crazy photographer.

But sometimes it’s easier to just let go and feel the moment.


The Calacar’s | Compostella Cebu
MUA: Erika Diaz
Stylist: Guada Mariel Calledo
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo

Special thanks to Sam


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August 21, 2014
now this is the maria from when ahe started clicking the shutter of her 400D :)

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