It was a long long long travel to this place — Padre Burgos.  We took the fast boat from Cebu to Ormoc, stayed one night in Ormoc and woke up early morning, rode a van, a bus and a motorcycle just to get here.  It was a ten hour total travel by land from Ormoc to Padre Burgos and back.

We were very disappointed when we didn’t get to shoot at the resort (Padre Burgos Castle Resort) where these two love birds stayed.  We rang the bell when we got there.  We hoped for some time to rest.  A girl approached us at the gate and told us to wait.  They charge P500 for entrance and another fee for a shoot.  I didn’t really ask how much.  I was too tired to care.  I just found it inhospitable to treat guests that way.

So instead we went down to the public beach just beside the Padre Burgos Castle.  My heart ached when I saw how beautiful the beachfront was.  It had a huge rock formation that had a gap in between.  It reminded me of El Nido!  My mind whirled and imagined the photographs I’d take there.  But the foreign owner guarded the place with all his might.  We were told that it was a private property and we can’t do anything but stay where we were and make do with what we had.

I can’t really understand why something as beautiful as this can’t be shared to many?  To preserve the beauty of this place, does one need to be greedy?

These two met in Japan.  Boxing brought them together.  A teacher and a student.   I asked if she likes Filipino food.  He said he cooks for her.  I asked about his work as a boxer.  He said he loves to teach boxing but miss the big fights.  Cupid did his job well!  Love knows no nationality they say!


how amazing the place indeed! mingaw ko imo blog and photos so peeking today hehe

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