When we shoot engagement sessions, we find it helpful to speak with the couple while clicking away.  It gives us the opportunity to know them a little more.  We also think that when people talk about themselves, especially when it is about LOVE, it puts them at ease.

For us, that is the best time to freeze moments.  When their guard is down and when they are too involve with each other, they forget we are there.

For this session, Carter and Pauline wanted a schoolboy and schoolgirl setting.  They also like music.  Thus, a glee inspired shoot came to mind.  Angelo Kangleon, THE mega stylist and photographer, as usual, gave them a list of things to bring.  I’m sure it looked very long.  But you know the smallest detail can lead to a story. There is a tedious workflow involved in every session we do.

The varsity jackets and the cheerleader uniform were patterned after GLEE.  Most of Pauline’s outfits were inspired by Rachel Berry’s character.  We rented a drum set and had it placed in the middle of a tennis court. We did four sets for this one.

We capped our Sunday with a client meeting and a serving of warm brownie cup.


Carter Gothong + Pauline Demano | March Eighteen Twenty Twelve | Styled Engagement Session

Hair and Make up by Ramil Solis
Styling by Angelo Kangleon
Special thanks to Jen and Fr. Rex



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April 25, 2012
i love the spontaneity in some of the photos! they obviously had a great time, which they can add to the collection of great memories they have with each other. another great one, mai!
    May 6, 2012
    thanks Jade...

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