I first met Lauren when she was just a tiny little baby.

I photographed her baptism a year ago. I can still vividly remember how I went outside the church to look for the perfect spot where I could hang her baptismal gown.

Her parents dotted on her!

When her mom Noreen messaged me for a session, I felt grateful. Who wouldn’t? I always feel that way when I get to witness milestones of the families that I photographed. Every time they come back, my heart would go all-soft and then I tell myself maybe this is why I enjoy what I do. It’s a different kind of happy!

When the session started, Lauren didn’t want to let go of her mama. When the back up cheerers (her aunties) came, she started to giggle and dance to the tune of Despacito and some nursery rhymes that I got to sing-a-long. We were entranced by her charm.

How could a little human being wrap us all up with her charm?


Styling: Geof Lagria Styling

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