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I am an emotional photographer! When someone cries, like the father perhaps when he gives away his daughter or the mother when she sees her precious one walk down the aisle… Tears would start to pool around the corner of my eyes. I’d psych myself up not to blink because there’s no other way for these tears to go, but down.

When the groom’s brother gave his speech. He went all the way! I seldom see brothers go emotional during speech time, but this fella didn’t hold back. He made his brother feel all the love. I was there hiding behind the camera and at that point I wished I used my battery grip just to make my camera look bigger. Embarrassing, isn’t it?


 Kirby Lim & Myrna Alcoseba // March 17, 2014 // Ceremony: Sacred Heart Church // Reception: The Oakridge // HMU: Wenwen Zaspa & team // Flowers & styling: Jun Canete // Video: Franz Arrogante // Photo: Shutterfairy Photo // Coordination: Gina Velez // Bride’s gown:  Ronald Enrico



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October 30, 2015
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