We sailed all the way to Calanggaman Island (also spelled as Kalangman). An island that is part of Palompon, Leyte, surrounded with white sands and some rocky parts.  It has this magnificent sand bar that magically appeared during low tide.

We left Cebu early afternoon to catch the golden sunset. Mr. Mark Cantalejo and Mr. Franz Arrogante’s team were also on board. I just have to say this! It was refreshing to see so many Canon equipment — 5D’s. Gosh!  Wait! I don’t dislike Nikon, it’s just that with the team I work with during weddings, they’re all Nikon and I’m the only Canon Queen and we don’t get to borrow each other’s lenses. Again, I’d like to stress, it’s not the arrow, it is the archer my friend.

What I love about that day :

  • Fresh fish for lunch and dinner
  • Fun company – we were laughing all the time
  • Sleeping under a tree on an  air bed – half our bodies resting on the sand
  • Weaving ultimate engagement sessions and weddings dreams
  • The yacht ride
  • Seeing my friend happy and excited
  • Black tire floaters – reminds me of my childhood
  • A sack of petals – props during e-sessions can totally add life to a photograph
  • Watching Cebu’s best — Mark Cantalejo & Franz Arrogante  in action.

Here are some photos of that lovely session.


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July 29, 2011
BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL photos! I am in need of some of that summer warmth!
    July 29, 2011
    Hi Rache.. Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment... =]
July 30, 2011
thank you Lou! Words will never do justice for your efforts and good company! We did have a blast doing this! God Speed for all of Us:)
    July 30, 2011
    Thanks Cel for making me a part of your beautiful wedding. I am so happy for you! "Kani si Icel hilig ni sya mag luto, manglaba..." Lol
The Vich
July 30, 2011
    July 30, 2011
    is this you Ivanovich??
July 31, 2011
I love all the shots here Maimai san.. adorable in every way. Gwapa kaau Icel! Best wishes to Icel and John!
    July 31, 2011
    Hi Jen... thanks much. Gwapa kaayo sa??
bone doc
August 1, 2011
beautiful pictures indeed! ..a product of wonderful people behind and in front of the camera! ...kudos, mai! ",) ..best wishes icel and siok! :o)
August 7, 2011
nice angles and vantage points mai ♥
    August 7, 2011
    Hey Cinds..thank you..

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