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This is a super late post! Jed and Lucille’s Cebu wedding was last December. I am trying to look for ways or a better work schedule that’ll allow me to deliver photos in less than three months or four. I did try hiring an editor but the photos didn’t look like it was our work, but rather someone else’s. The tint became bluish! It became so polished, it didn’t look real.

Jed and Lucille’s wedding was styled by my good friend, Deo Urquiaga. A wedding stylist oversees the whole look and feel of your wedding aesthetics. In Cebu, we rely on the florist. But a wedding stylist could give your wedding a different twist. Deo is one of those who is so hands on, you won’t know STRESS ever existed.

Some photos.


Jed Escoreal & Lucille Cajilig // December 19, 2014 //  Dress up:  Waterfront Cebu Hotel & Casino // Ceremony:  Sacred Heart Church // Reception:  City Sports //  HMUA:  Vanessa Gamus // Coordination: Otep Arnejo // Photo: Shutterfairy Photo // Florist:  Jun Canete


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