Our first location was at Coffee Prince.  They open around twelve noon but we pleaded with the waiters who were sleeping inside if we could use the place for JB and Ice’s engagement session.  They weren’t so thrilled we were there.  I saw around three people sleeping on the floor.  That was around eleven already!  Guada, the stylist said, “Maybe it was their christmas party last night??”  Maybe!  But it was such an awful sight.  An old man who knocked on the door before we started looked at me very puzzled — why is there a man sleeping on the floor??

I expected too much!  I thought the had more character.  The area that I liked there was just the stairs and the big windows.  White walls and yummy light!  If only we could have more interesting cafes in Cebu like Cafe Caw.  If only we have Mary Grace here like the one in Manila and more customer friendly cafe staff!

Sorry for ranting, but this post is not about Coffee Prince.  Meet JB and Ice!


JB & Ice
Location: Coffee Prince, The Chocolate Chamber, and The mountains of Ayala Heights
HMU: Erika Diaz
Stylist: Guada Calledo
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo