The first time I met Jacob was when he was just three months old.

When his mom message me again for a session, I excitedly replied.  She sent me a current photo of Jacob with his straight long hair.  Repeat clients always make my heart full.  Family sessions always do that to me.

For December, my calendar is full of just that — family sessions.  It has been a long time wish that instead of weddings, I would have more family sessions.  It’s not that I dislike shooting weddings, I just think that I need to pace myself so as  not to shoot weddings like a robot.  If you know what I mean?  I don’t want to lose the magic because I keep on doing it.  I think it is important!  I crave for rawness and the realness of it all.

I was in awe when I heard Jacob speak. Sigh!  Whenever I listen to little boys speak, my heart would ache.  I long for Fin to finally converse. Before I used to take this for granted.  I seldom listen.  I was never mindful of spoken words.  I thought the first few words of a child were just cute.  But since I understood Fin’s delay because of autism, my view of the spoken word changed.

Sharing with you a session I had with Jacob and his mom and the rest of the gang.  Because family doesn’t always mean the usual.  The people we spend our days with deeply and always, for me, makes up a FAMILY.

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