I found myself there again!  Healing Present Nature and Wellness Farm continues to amaze me.  It holds so much promise!

Back in 2003, summer class in Micro Biology, after maybe looking thru the microscope of all those bacterias, I decided to quit eating pork and beef.  I went cold turkey and brought food to class that I personally prepared.  Fish and chicken were the last ones I had to battle with.  I was no vegan!  Or maybe I was half that already.  Back then, juicing and smoothies weren’t as popular as it is now.  I wasn’t into any serious exercise program.  It was impossible to do something aside from studying and complying with the endless demands of being a student.

Lechon and a pretty looking slab of steak doesn’t make my mouth water.  It does not have that effect on me.  But when I got pregnant with my youngest in 2013, I had to slowly eat pork and beef meat again.  Not that my OB told me so, but it must be the hormones and my body telling my head to start eating pork and beef.  Every time I did, I’d feel so dirty!  I’m not saying that it is.  I got so used to not eating those, I felt like I consumed something I shouldn’t.

My weakness is coffee (oh how I love coffee) and bread.  I have to learn to let go of these too.  I just know I will have a hard time.  The first thing my head tells me when I wake up in the morning is to have coffee.  I like checking mails and editing photos with a steaming mug of coffee on the side.  The aroma makes me so happy, you’ll seldom see me pout.  But of course, coffee wouldn’t be as yummy if I do not have a piece of toast and pandesal from the bakeshop two blocks away from where I live — Pan de Manila!  Coffee and bread gives me so much comfort.  It is like having a bowl of chicken soup in a cold rainy morning.  How can one let go of something as comforting as that?

But then again, a lifestyle change won’t do me no harm.  Slowly, I gave up bread and replaced it with bananas and sweet potato.  But still with coffee!! Hahahahaha! There’s a vegan store just right outside our compound that I could go to for a vegan fix.  But my ultimate goal is to learn how to prepare appetizing vegan dishes like the ones I tasted at the farm.  Can’t wait for the recipe book!

When I listen to stories about people I personally know getting sick or has to do this and that to check their health, it worries me.  I felt the shift in our interest.  Nowadays, we talk about our health, my health, and the health of this and that.  I think when you are more than thirty or is approaching forty, everything changes.  Petty issues does not matter anymore.  Health does!! I have to live long for my children.  I have to see them settled and marry and have families of their own. So it’s not about me anymore!  But it’s about being healthy for them!  Age does that to you I guess!  The feeling that one is invincible disappears.

Here are some photos of that day at the farm.


Coconut water with passion fruit and I can’t remember what else. But it tasted very good.


The little man who loves plants came along.  He was so happy!  That’s atsuete he is holding.



Breakfast and lunch jars that could last you the whole day.  I want those in my fridge.  Bottles of those! Now!


The very passionate Eleanor River at work.  I love this woman.  Her vision and advocacy is so inspiring!


Kids harvesting herbs. I want to have my own herb garden.


They have  a four days wellness program.  I want to try the program and thirty days plant based meals and healthy juices.  My enemy would be myself because I’ll be begging for coffee and bread.


Exposing my little boy to the green world.


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June 17, 2015
amazing pictures! you won't be alone in your journey mai! we'll be on the side cheering you on. and should you need that mushroom on garlic pesto pasta anytime, you know where to get you fix!
    June 17, 2015
    Thank you Kim.. I have yet to partake the 30 day challenge including the 4 days. Wish me luck. I will miss coffee and bread and pasta and those in betweens that I have to give up.
June 17, 2015
Mai, I want to visit this place with you pls. The salads are mouth-watering. I have yet to give you blue ternate flowers. I have some seeds here & mine is thriving for 2yrs na. Put it on top of your avocado toast or mix in rice & smoothies aside from the salads. ps. I am so sad our first salad shared together (strawberry + arugula) in tinder box is no longer available! meh. see you soon!
    June 17, 2015
    HI Bevs… .. mouth watering salads indeed! talk about guilt free eating! Was so happy there… Let us meet soon.

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