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For Manuel and Jewela their love story started in high school.

This reminds me of my crazy high school life.  I went to an all girls school — hard-core Inmaculadista.  It was a school governed by nuns.  Strict and very conservative.  Our uniform was a white long-sleeved top with a sailor collar and a blue skirt that has to be below the knee.  We had to wear a white tank top underneath our already long-sleeved blouse.  Our disciplinarian would run after girls not wearing one with a pair of scissors.  There were girls I bonded with quite well.  These girls became a constant in my life.  We forged a friendship that would last a life time.  Our relationship as friends weren’t perfect.  We changed over the years.  We laugh at the crazy things we did in high school.

We had so many crushes.  When we see them now, we always tell ourselves we were lucky not to end up with any of them.  They looked cute back then but they look different now.  The mind was innocent and so were our hearts.

I can just imagine how Jewela and Manuel grew up together by loving one another since high school.  For ten marvelous long years.  During our engagement session, one said, he was cute in high school and so many girls had a crush on him.  I over heard Manuel say that he’d wait and look for Jewel during recess time.  Memories they have plenty!!


Manuel and Jewela
Location: USJR campus & Delice Recipes
HMU: Erika Diaz
Styling: Guada Calledo
Photo: Shutterfairy Photo

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They had uniforms made just like the ones they had.

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Heartstrings bag was Jewela’s bag of choice. I’m not sure though if we had this during my time.  I feel so ancient already! Greg shoes was the in thing and K-swiss and plain white tees and those knitted socks that weren’t allowed in school. I wore one everyday anyway!

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FLAMES! Aren’t you guilty of writing your crush’s name and hopping that it will end as sweethearts or marriage.

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And then they grew up!

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