When I photograph couples or families, I’d feel the love! At first, it felt strange to photograph a human being who was so compassionate with her dogs. I shoot love for a living and endearments exchanged is not unusual, but with Beverly it sounded different. Because every time I hear her call her dogs Love or Babes, I’d expect a man to be there.

But instead, I saw dogs with personalities.

Meet Id (your primal desires, basic nature, and wild side) and Ego (your reason and self control, your grown up self)! These were familiar words when I studied psychiatry nursing earnestly for the nursing board exams. I was so into it, I scored a 96 for that particular text. And because I love the mind and how it works and that defense mechanism, I raised the bar and mastered in Psychiatric Nursing.

If I remember right, Id is the white dog and Ego is the black dog. Am I right, Bevs?? Beverly kept telling me to call their names to make them look at the camera. But I told her to just talk to her dogs like how I tell couples to talk to each other. I was after what was there. Raw emotions!

She really love her dogs. As in really really really love them! Like family!! Ego is sick thus she requested for a photo session.


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December 17, 2014
Thank you for the lovely photos, Shutterfairy! Ego is the yellow one and Iddy's the black one. :)
    December 19, 2014
    Ego is yellow? I thought white.. I must be color blind...

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