Towards the end of the shoot, I over heard Cherry tell Allan, “Thank you! I want to cry!”  I wondered about what she meant by her thank you.  Was it thank you for doing this for me even if you think this is silly.  Thank you for loving me and all of me.

Sigh.  We don’t get to always say thank you.  I don’t get to say thank you all the time.  Because quite frankly I take thank you’s for granted.  I made a mental note to myself to always say thank you especially to the people I share my life with.  Thank you for loving the crazy and the weird side of me!  Because the good side is easy to love, but the not so nice traits, I know, is the hardest to love and appreciate.

Here are some photos of Allan and Cherry’s love session.


Granada Beach House | Styling:  Guada Calledo | Photo: Shutterfairy Photo | HMU:  Joseph Agbay