When the bride gets ready for the big day!! That is my most FAVORITE part.

Try to imagine a room full of giggling women and an anxious bride.  Not only that!  The photographers, videographers, and make up artist flocks to the bride’s room at a certain time.  The happy chaos begins.

There are particular moments I watch out for.  Like when the bride sees her wedding dress for the first time.  Sadly, I only got to photograph one bride who saw her wedding dress for the very first time.  Usually the gown is either displayed at a corner or inside a huge box.  I wish there’d be more I-only-saw-my-wedding-dress-for-the-first-time surprises.

I also what out for the parents reaction when they see the bride in full attire.  It looks like they are lost in their own world.  Like a realization has slowly dawned on them.  Others try to wear a smile.  However, their eyes always betray them.  Tears start to fall.

These photos were the ones I took last Saturday for Rainbowfish Photo. 


Luigi + Rhea [ 1.21.2012 | Radisson Blu Hotel ]



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February 2, 2012
I loved every minute of my preps! We were so relaxed, not stressed at all, and there was laughter and jokes and singing. My family really bonded that day, that was one of my favorite parts about my wedding day. :) By the way, I never got to thank you for the calendar. I love it! I have it above my work area. :) Thanks so much. I got it a bit late na because my mother forgot to give me my mail.
    February 5, 2012
    Hi.. Me too.. I love prep time. Glad you liked it..

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