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I must admit I am a sucker for anything romantic.  I am such a romantic the stories of the people I meet stays with me.  Kwim and Leslie, they’re miles apart.  He’s based in Australia while she lives in the Philippines.  Long distance is never easy.  I’ve asked around and compared notes.  How do they do it? How did I get thru it?  The possibilities are always endless.  But as they say it’s easier nowadays.  If there’s a will, there is ALWAYS a way.

I visit my couples page on Facebook.  I look at their updates.  Some have moved from one country to another while others has finally stopped being apart from each other.  Some already have babies.  This reminds me that life goes on.  Life evolves everyday!  Today might not be easy, but I am sure tomorrow will be different.

Here are some photos of Kwim and Leslie’s big day.


Kwim & Leslie | Preps: Radisson Blu Hotel | Ceremony:  Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral | Reception:  Oakridge | HMU:  Jessie Glova | Coordination:  Carlo Abaquita | Photo:  Shutterfairy Photo | Video:  Noel Samson Wedding Films


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August 29, 2015
The good thing about blogging it a few months after is that the pictures seem to connect to you deeper. I'm sure in a few years these will become even more beautiful.
    August 29, 2015
    Catching up on past weddings to blog...

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