It was one of those engagement sessions that I didn’t want to end.  It was well thought of from the smallest detail to the wardrobe and even the hair and make up.  These make a whole lot of difference.  It gives substance to the photos and it helps build a story.

The inspiration of this shoot is Vintage Travel, divided in two sessions.  It was impossible to make everything happen in just one day.  We went all the way to Bogo and Medellien to look for train tracks.  We brought with us impossible props ––  old and heavy typewriter, huge wooden dresser, vintage suitcases, old film cameras, chairs, and a lot more.

A big THANK YOU and a grand WELCOME to our resident stylist/photographer — Angelo Kangleon.   A round of applause please.


What I ❤  about this shoot:

Well prepared.
Sunset and the light was my friend that day.
Laughter.  Lots of it.
Old things. Vintage love.
Location outside Cebu city.  Something new.
We had dinner in the middle of the plaza – chicken that tasted so yum and puso (hanging rice). A first, for me!
The couple – Rey + Sheryl. They were so game.  Lights. Camera. Action.
Paul drove.  We slept. Peace.


Photographers:  Shutterfairy Photography + Calography
Styling:  Angelo Kangleon
Hair & Maku-up:  Ramil Solis
Rey’s clothes:  Edwin Ao
Sheryl’s clothes:  Protacio Empaces Jr. (cosmic latte draped silk tulle gala gown) + TheFabGrab (chestnut silk chiffon tie-neck secretary dress)
Antique wooded suitcases:  Casa Mella


To be continued.




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November 3, 2011
    November 12, 2011
    Hi... lol
November 3, 2011
[ staring dreamily ] .... clap.clap.clap. amazing couple as well!
    November 12, 2011
November 3, 2011
WOW this is totally awesome Mai! Everything is just PERFECT for a vintage shoot. Green with envy, i kinda heard myself say - How i wish im shooting this kind of thing too! haha! congrats Mai! So great! I love it!
    November 12, 2011
    Thanks Jen..
November 6, 2011
So loving your crew Mai ... puede sila mahuwam :) Beautiful set of photos mai ... worth all those extra baggage you guys had to bring along... love love love!!!
    November 7, 2011
    Thank you Cinds...
November 13, 2011
i sooo love this set :)
    November 14, 2011
    thanks Jadeee... when are you free to meet up?
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