I laughed so hard during Edgard and Danah’s wedding reception. I think that was the only time when I wished the reception didn’t end. It is during this time when the body would want to travel back to the bed and take a well-deserved rest after shooting the whole day.

So I guess what they say is true that laughter revives the loneliest heart and the most battered body.

Edgar met a little accident inside the hotel bathroom during the early part of the day. Everybody kept it from Danah. They didn’t want to worry her. Edgar had to visit the hospital in the middle of the wedding dress-up. We were worried but relieved when he returned an hour before it was time to leave for church.

Their wedding was my last for May. Truly happy that I left May not feeling spent. If you know what I mean! I like that I shot only a few weddings but had more opportunities to photograph families.


Coordination: Carlo Abaquita (Unique Wedding & Events)
Bride’s wedding gown: Winston Comedido Sy
Entourage gowns: Dacher Ermitanio
Hair and Make-up: Jonas Borces
Video: Film In Motion
Cake: Cupkeyk N Art