The priest said during his wedding sermon, “What’s sad about this life is not death per se, but the death of a relationship.  Take care of your relationship.”  I don’t know if they still remember.  It somehow it became the answer to my question to why it’s always sad when relationships die.  When people take each other for granted because one is always available and the other isn’t.

With Lance and Myla, I don’t think they’ll ever grow tired loving each other.  They still celebrate monthsarys.  How many of you still do?? They have weekly dates (with Myla’s mom tagging along).  They’re young, happy, and very much in love.

When we did their engagement session, Myla’s mom told me while serving us hot chocolate, ripe mangoes and rice pudding, “I’ll always stay with my daughter.  I’ll always be near her.”  Their closeness was very clear to me. They hold hands still.  How sweet is that??  Myla’s dad during his speech said, “Don’t follow what your mom and I had.  I had to work and live far from my family.  No matter what!  Always be together!” 


Aha! The sacrifices we make to live a comfortable life.  Yes? Sometimes, I ask myself if it is ever worth it? Is it worth being apart?  Will couples get used to it and make it their way of life?  Is being together for a short period of time enough?

It is never ENOUGH!


Lance Conrad Shan & Myla Belle Barandog // May 25, 2013 // Dumaguete City

Coordination:  Grace Sycip-Romano (Creative Concepts), Decors/Flowers:  Creative Concepts, HMUA: Edrico Chua Palencia, Gown:  Erwin Tan of Kasuotan, Invites:  For The Love Of Prints, Pillows & Garter:  ETC Handmade Goodness (Vatel Manila), Photo by Shutterfairy Photo // Video by Marlowe Guinto Videography //