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Faye knew what she wanted for her wedding. We talked about it from our first meeting. I asked her about Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects. The items users pin define their identities and boards they view. I must say ideas are so abundant there especially for weddings. I have been asking our brides to expose themselves to Pinterest. Personal choices and DIY wedding elements gives the whole wedding a different feel.


Dexter Ompad and Faye Marie Ompad // January 2014 // Dress up venue: Radisson Blu // Ceremony: Pedro Calungosd Chapel // Reception: Oakridge Pavillion // HMU: Ramil Solis // Gown & Suit: Edwin Ao // Flowers and stylsing: Cuckoo Clouds Concepts  // Photo: Shutterfairy Photo //  Coordination:  Laiza Rapada



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