Demy&Lorie_ wedding001

Meet my brother.

Over the weekend, together with family and friends, we witnessed my brother say I do to the love of his life (and I as their official photographer). They’ve been preparing for this wedding for a long time. To finally see it happen is a dream come true for both of them.

You see! My brother is a softie unlike my sister and I. We are tough cookies, while he is, I guess, the chewable type! Hahahaha… Soft outside and soft inside! I just want to say that he’s a loving father to his boys. I admire how he puts them first before himself. He fills them with love the best way he knows how!

Some photos from last Wednesday’s wedding.


Demy and Lorie Pages // Bantayan Island, Cebu // May 7, 2014 // Shutterfairy Photo
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