This wedding reminded me so much of my past life. Weeehhhe!  Me as nurse!  A trying hard one!

Therese Ann is a nurse.  I think Dani is too.  My dean in nursing school is Therese Ann’s mom.  She was there and it felt like I was back in nursing school all over again.  I blabbered about why I gave up my plan to migrate to New Zealand.  Life happened and it took a different route.  Madame Dean said something like, “If you love what you are doing then maybe that is your real calling!” 

I totally agree!  I have let things unfold and happen for me.  I have ceased asking questions.  I’m happy where I’m at. I love what I do.  I’m the  h a p p i e s t  I’ve ever been in all aspects of my being!


Therese Ann Empaces + Dani Andrew Jimenez //  October 13, 2012 //  Costabella Tropical Resort