It was their first time! I feel so honored to be the first one to photograph this lovely family from Bukidnon. I wish there’d be more first time sessions with families who clamor for frozen moments and happy easy family sessions.

The best compliment I get after I do family sessions is not the: we looked so beautiful in the pictures! But we enjoyed! We had a good time.

For me, looking beautiful in photographs is but a summation of how one feels during the actual shoot. When I hold the camera that’s what I always aim for. I should have a good time taking pictures and my subject needs to feel that I enjoy taking their pictures so they too would feel relaxed and happy. I feel that there is beauty in moments when my subjects get to be themselves.

I brought Fin with me AGAIN! He enjoyed going around La Vie. But towards the end of the shoot, he started getting cranky. When he’s that way he’d look for me (for comfort I guess). He sat on my lap and snuggled for a time. At forty months he struggles with speech (diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay). When the day comes when he’d start to talk like really converse, I’d be the happiest. I’d be relieved. For now, I just know he needs me more than ever!


Concept and styling by Guada Mariel