When I meet couples, I don’t really assume they’d book me right then and there.  I don’t get to book all those I meet!

When I first started I used to feel bad.  I felt inadequate! I doubted myself!  Who wouldn’t, right?? But sooner, I learned that in this business, you get to create a niche or a feel, an image of you and your work.  Not every couple I meet would think that my style is what they are looking for.  As a photographer of their big day, I owe it to them to give them the reign as to who they should hire.  I don’t hard sell. I also don’t deviate from my style to mold it to someone else’s brand.


It makes me really happy when I meet couples who made their choice already.  It means that they believe in what I do.  They believe that my brand is what they are looking for. Just like Japs and Raqz.  We had a good start and that was important to me.

I think that as a photographer, we grow!  We learn and then we grow.  We relearn and get inspired by the work of others.  Although, to be inspired is different from copying.  The latter, when being complimented, is not something one should be proud of.  When I first started, I tasted the road to copyhood!  I copied (oh well, tried) to copy colours and post editing style that wasn’t me!  I realized that no matter how I copied, my own style will be evident.  I stopped using watermarks because I convinced myself that even if I put a really huge watermark in my images, I’d still be able to identify the photos that I took.

Here are some photos of Japs and Raqz big day.


Japs and Raqz | Dress-up: Radisson Blu Hotel | Ceremony & Reception:  Chatteau de Busay | Coordination:  Joan Lapus of Belle Mariée Weddings | Photo:  Shutterfairy Photo | Video:  Digital Minds | HMU:  Emy Ayag | Entourage MUA: Divine Tyrus | Flowers: Chaty Archival | Emcee: Ryan Uybengkee | Gown:  EJ Relampagos





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July 31, 2015
I'm not put a watermark because I'm believe I don't own the image. I owe it to the universe for allowing me to take a picture at that moment in time. Profound for it. Wow!!! Let's write some more for it.

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