I have mastered the art of sleeping in various positions.  When fatigue strikes I can’t do anything but succumb to its nagging wrath. It’s like my head is telling me to sleep.  Sleep. Glorious sleep.

The other weekend while shooting in an island somewhere near Palompon Leyte, I slept under the tree with two make up artists. We shared one inflatable bed while half of our bodies were resting on sand. I didn’t care if I woke up with sunburned skin,  I just needed to catch some sleep.

This weekend, while waiting for our ride to Bohol Bee Farm, I slept in the lobby chair together with the videographer. I’m sure guests roamed the lobby, but we were tired to care.  I slept in one couch sitting down and resting my head on my arms, while Ms. Videographer laid down on the bigger couch. I envied her for a minute there.

Long nights of editing photos, reading books, watching television, and surfing the net and hanging out in Facebook is slowly catching up on me. I need to slow down and pace my work time and discipline myself.  However, when the going gets tough, I don’t mind sleeping under a tree in a deserted island where the color of the sky is as blue as the ocean. Nor do I care sleeping sitting down and dozing off with strangers all around me.

Here are some photos of Carl and Odessa’s wedding last May 25. It was a small, but heartfelt wedding attended by the couple’s close family and friends. It was also in this wedding that the make up artist asked me to sit on his chair while he tweaked my brows and applied a brown bronze brow shaper. It smudged on my camera and made me look funny.

I enjoy fun times with videographers, photographers, and make up artists. It makes work feel like it’s play time.

Photography by:  Calography + Shutterfairy

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June 22, 2011
i was at the cebu wedding of desa and carlo....you captured her glow....love all your pics...
    June 22, 2011
    Thank you.. :-)

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