This was the engagement session we did last December.  I apologize for uploading this late.

Life’s been pretty hectic lately.  What with a new addition to our family, backlog from last year’s wedding, and this year’s upcoming weddings and engagement sessions!  I’ve been told I need to take it slow and breathe.  I have to find my zen and accept that, sometimes, things won’t always go my way. I’m a control freak, that’s why!  I don’t own time.  I wish there’d be more hours in a day!


Kirby Lim + Myrna Alcoseba // December 3, 2013 //  HMU by Wenwen Zaspa // Styling by Guada Calledo // Photo by Shutterfairy Photo


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February 26, 2014
Yes, Breathe in between please. :) you'll get back on your track again soon. hugs! - Excited to see you again and talk endlessly. will be home in April-May. :)
October 30, 2015
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